Under most circumstances delivery will be considered free for any orders taking place inside mainland UK, however, orders of certain size or weight that might require the use of a crane or HIAB loader might incur in extra charges due to the extra workload involved.

Additionally the following locations in the UK currently do not apply for our free shipping policies:


As well as the Isle of Anglesey and Isle of Wight and Eire

The current delivery schedule is 8:00am to 5:30pm on a Monday to Friday basis. Take into account that while we don’t confirm the exact date and time in advance, if you are interested in more precise information communicating one day ahead of time will let us give you a closer estimate. Also take into account that these schedules are for Ground Floor or Kerbside deliveries, unless a deal was established beforehand and properly documented.

Timed deliveries as well as deliveries that are above ground floor are available on Saturdays, but this comes at an extra cost and must be inquired with time.

When taking into account our Estimated Delivery Times please take into account that unlike other providers we list the worst case scenario dates. This means that the highest possible number days will be listed, but on average will arrive sooner. This amount excludes holidays and weekends. As with any other business stock levels are in constant flux, so for any specific requests when it comes to delivery do make sure to contact us with time and we’ll do our best to assist you.

We’d like to remind our clients as well that either the person responsible for the order or an authorised party must be present to sign the corresponding documentation. Even if a person isn’t able to sign you might incur delivery charges due to the required travel time. Orders are allowed to be left without a signature, but this is done entirely at the client’s risk and we can’t be held responsible in such cases.

Once delivery has been handled it’s important to assess the state of your goods. Under most circumstances SPLDIRECT won’t be held responsible for claims on damaged or missing goods if the order has already been signed. While exceptions do exist in the case SPLDIRECT is notified before 24 hours and our carrier has listed the damage. Under most circumstances we won’t be held liable and as such request our clients to properly check their merchandise before signing.

In the case you find a problem with your delivery make sure to email as soon as possible, ideally with photo documentation to speed up the process. Or call Customer Support at 0203 916 5500 to get priority service.